We ship via DHL Express and by regular mail. All services make deliveries between Monday and Friday 9 am-5 pm, and in some locations on Saturday morning as well. Ordered products will be delivered to your address in the shortest possible period. In regular conditions, the products are delivered on weekdays, within 3 days from the shipping date. If the assessment of the delivery period is longer than 30 days, or for any reason we cannot deliver the ordered product, the customer will be notified by email or phone provided in the payment process.

Where there is an organized courier service (express delivery), your package will be delivered directly to your shipping address. By signing the delivery form, the recipient confirms receipt of the product and assumes all associated rights and risks. Please note, couriers cannot deliver a Vitastiq package to a PO Box address; ensure you provide a street address where the authorized recipient can receive and acknowledge the delivery. Keep in mind that some delivery services may not be available in all countries. The shipping cost will be displayed after you select your shipping location unless the shipping is free. To verify availability and check the estimated price in EUR, please select your delivery location at

Customs Clearance

Packages may be subject to customs clearance in some countries. Customs policies vary from country to country. Vitastiq cannot influence whether the package will go through customs clearance or determine the duration or cost of the process. The recipient shall bear any costs resulting from customs clearance.

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