Vitastiq PRO

Vitastiq PRO is an added value for your customers and an unmatched promo tool for your products.

Use the Vitastiq PRO device and software to track your customers’ vitamin trend and recommend products based on vitamin readings. Get the readings for 30 nutrients and provide valuable nutrition tips to your clients.

Increase your sales using the following features:

  • Client’s history of vitamin readings
  • Nutrition tips on the spot
  • Product recommendation
  • Reminder notes and remarks

Improve communication:

  • Invite customers to your events
  • Nurture relationships with customers
  • Recommend your products
  • Manage your operators and Vitastiq devices
  • Manage your brands and products

PRO software is compatible with Android tablets only (Android OS 5.0 or newer and BT 4.0); recommended display resolution 1200 x 1920 pixels (16:10 ratio).

Vitastiq PRO includes the PRO device, PRO app and Web Control Pannel (your company’s administrator platform).

Please note: The PRO software is not to be sold separately; Vitastiq FAMILY cannot be upgraded to Vitastiq PRO.

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What an innovative project! You can track your vitamin trend anywhere, anytime with Vitastiq!

Blanka Vlašić Former high jump world champion