Security Code

A Card Security Code (CSC), also called Card Verification Value (CVV), Card Verification Code (CVC), or Card Verification Number, is a unique 3 or 4-digit number printed on your card, in addition to the account number.

It is neither embedded in the card’s magnetic stripe nor appears on the merchants’ bills or receipts. This verification number serves as proof of physical possession of the card at the time of the online purchase, thereby reducing the possibility of fraud.

The position of the verification number imprint varies depending on the card. For American Express cards, a 4-digit number is usually printed on the front. If your card lacks a 4-digit number on the front, please use the 3-digit number found on the back (in the last number group).

For other accepted cards (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa), the verification number is typically imprinted on the back of the card.

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