Vitastiq 2


The Vitastiq 2 is a personal electronic device that employs a non-invasive EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll) method to monitor and analyze trends in 26 essential vitamins and minerals. It is a B2C product, designed solely for individual, non-commercial use. Although the device can be used by several people, each person can only measure their own vitamin and mineral levels. To measure another person’s levels, a separate handle is required, which is provided exclusively with the Vitastiq Family device.

Vitastiq 2 connects to smartphones via Bluetooth, supporting Android (5.0 and later) and iOS (9.0 and later) devices. It includes a free personal app that enables users to create up to 50 profiles and conduct up to 500 reports annually. Offering support for 25 different languages, the app is user-friendly and includes detailed instructions along with short video tutorials. It also records the measurement history for each profile and provides detailed information about each nutrient and its natural sources. Upon completing the measurements, users have the option to send the reports via email for additional analysis or archiving. Crafted from titanium, the Vitastiq 2 is both durable and lightweight, enhancing its longevity. Overall, the Vitastiq 2 combines traditional knowledge with modern technology, offering a contemporary approach to monitoring nutritional health and promoting well-being through a smart lifestyle.

For professionals looking to utilize Vitastiq technology in their practice, the Vitastiq PRO version is available, offering additional features tailored for professional use.



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Dr. Reinhold Voll (1909–1989), a German physician and researcher, revolutionized holistic medicine by introducing Electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV) and Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS). These innovative methods merge traditional acupuncture principles with electrical measurements to assess the body's energetic imbalances, emphasizing a holistic approach to health.