Frequently asked questions

Why do my results vary within a short period of time?

The levels of vitamins and minerals soluble in water may change on a daily basis. However, it is also possible that your reference point or an acupuncture point wasn’t determined correctly. It is important to learn how to find each measuring point properly. Hold your Vitastiq pen upright and press the tip on the measuring point vertically. Move the tip carefully to determine the correct position for that measuring point.

Meanwhile, our recommendation is to use Vitastiq at about the same time of the day each time (for example, between meals, before any physical activity, before or after work…) because the readings can be affected by different factors, such as food intake, fitness activities, stress, etc. In other words, the vitamin and mineral levels in the body change constantly. Another factor is the way they dissolve inside the body.

What an innovative project! You can track your vitamin trend anywhere, anytime with Vitastiq!

Blanka Vlašić Former high jump world champion