Frequently asked questions

How does Vitastiq work?

Vitastiq is an electronic device that is based on electro-acupuncture methodology (EAV).
Based on the experience of the EAV experts, including dr.Voll, it was noticed that the electrical resistance inside the acupuncture points changes if any imbalance is present in the body. This method is well known and it has been used since 1950’s.

Vitastiq is not a medical device. Our product measures the electrical resistance of an acupuncture point in relation to the reference point (reference point is determined during calibration). Therefore, the device does not directly check the concentration of the particular vitamin or mineral. It informs the user about their present body condition and it tracks the general vitamin/mineral trend.

Vitastiq shows qualitative information without defining quantitative values; we think it is good to track the general trend of the vitamin or mineral status and to act accordingly.

Please keep in mind that Vitastiq cannot prevent, treat or cure any medical problems nor can it diagnose medical conditions. It is a fitness gadget which helps in tracking users daily lifestyle and fitness activities. By tracking the progress regularly, Vitastiq can be a great companion for your healthy lifestyle.

Users should see the readings solely as an indicator of their general vitamin trend. Vitastiq needs to be used a few times a week for several weeks in order to obtain some average values indicating the general vitamin trend based on the EAV methodology. Officially, the accuracy of the traditional EAV devices is around 80%.

What an innovative project! You can track your vitamin trend anywhere, anytime with Vitastiq!

Blanka Vlašić Former high jump world champion