Frequently asked questions

How to properly use Vitastiq?

It is common for the results to vary from one measurement to another at the beginning, as you probably don’t have any prior experience.
It is of utmost importance to properly get the reference point as the results depend on it. Also, holding the Vitastiq pen correctly is important, how hard you press a point, and finally skin moisture. Please go thourgh the video tutorials, in app tutorials and Quick Start Guide.

The hand that is holding the Vitastiq pen should not be in contact with any other part of your body. Otherwise the readings will be wrong.
Do not touch the nail root as this can affect the accuracy of the results as well.
Find the accurate spot within 1-2 mm within the area of the point showen on the screen. Slightly move the tip of the device within the point to find the highest value (do not change the pressure or loose contact with the skin while in process). Your highest value is the right value. Keep the same pressure on each point as you did at the beginning in the calibration process. Press it just enough so the tip retracts completely.

Each person has their own skin type. That is why the calibration is necessary. During the calibration step, your skin resistance will be determined. If you don’t calibrate properly or don’t use the same pressure on other points, your readings will be inconsistent.

Please see our in-app tutorial or read the Quick Start Guide, which will take you through the simple steps. Make sure to watch the Vitastiq tutorials; they provide a detailed description of the each step. For more information, email us at

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