Frequently asked questions

The blue LED is not on when I use my Vitastiq 1st edition.

Here are some tips if you cannot get your Vitastiq 1st edition to work properly:

  1. You can try to press-and-turn the tip of the Vitastiq pen several times quickly with your finger to make sure all the contacts adhere correctly.
  2. Enable the microphone for the Vitastiq app (phone Settings> All apps> Vitastiq app> Allow Vitastiq to acccess: Microphone).
  3. Adjust Headphones/Headsets/Audio volume to maximum by pressing the + button on the side of your phone (enable this function in Settings > Sounds > Ringer & Alerts > Change with Buttons ON)
  4. Check the cable connectivity. Remove any phone cover/case so the audio cable is connected properly.
  5. Reinstall the Vitastiq app and restart your phone.
  6. Try using Vitastiq with another smartphone to see if it’s working properly.

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Blanka Vlašić Former high jump world champion