About Vitastiq

Vitastiq gadget and app: an innovative concept that contributes to a fit lifestyle.

How to use Vitastiq in 5 simple steps:


1. Download the free Vitastiq app


2. Connect Vitastiq to your smartphone’s audio port


3. Set up your user profile


4. Prepare


5. Start using Vitastiq

The Vitastiq application – your nutrition companion

How to get more from the Vitastiq app:

Multiple users, multiple profiles

You can create as many profiles as you wish for different users.

Personalized templates

In addition to the existing vitamin and mineral templates, you can create your own personalized ones.

Detailed instructions

The Vitastiq app is user-friendly, providing detailed instructions for a simple vitamin and mineral trend tracking.

Personalized approach

The Vitastiq app provides a personalized overview and nutrient trend history.

Funded with the help of Indiegogo

A huge thank you to all our funders!
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Tech specs

Device dimensions / weight

148mm / ∅ 18mm / 60g


Li-SOCl2 primary lithium battery


Stainless steel

Package dimensions / weight

134mm x 22mm x 210mm / 160g

Package contains:

One Vitastiq device
Vitastiq case
Audio cable
User instructions

Having seen how easily Vitastiq can provide useful information about vitamins and minerals, learn more about these essential nutrients.


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